Who We Are

Liams Foundation international is an award winning non-governmental organization formed on the 17th October, 2014 fired by the initial drive towards advocacy, development and carrying direct humanitarian services to the people where governments fall short. The Foundation has an Executive Director and founder, Queen Horlali Williams (Rev.), who also doubles as a Home Health Consultant . The LIAMS FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL team complement themselves so well in the spirit of great camaraderie. The Foundation is dedicated to working with less-privileged children, the disabled in families and communities, to improve living conditions and reduce poverty and hunger, for the well being of the people of Ghana. Liams Foundation International operates in two regions, Volta and Accra at the moment with plans to go nationwide. As part of its development interventions, the organization is gearing itself to provide various types of capacity building to support people in the communities we operate in.

The plead is on. Anyako Konu, Seva must have potable drinking water

Our Mission

To serve as a conduit towards the improvement in the socio-economic, health, education and human rights of orphans, the disabled, vulnerable children and women in society through a highly motivated staff, dutifully loyal towards the provision of these services, while helping to bring back smiles to the faces of the miserable.

Our Vision

We envisages a world where the under-privileged, supposedly under serving and marginalized groups especially orphans, the disabled, vulnerable children and women are empowered through education toward a quality and sustainable standard of self-sufficiency and community development.

We are geared up to provide the various types of capacity building to support people in the communities we operate.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to strive to provide quality education for children in need, to improve their health and sleeping conditions, effect attitudinal changes and increased sense of belonging within the communities. Besides, we also aim at strengthening relationships by providing safe and supportive help that keep family members emotionally connected to one another.




Our Core Values

Looking at the spectrum of people and organizations that LIAMS Foundation International deals with, confidentiality is a key element. This helps build clients' enthusiasm to freely express themselves for the appropriate intervention and also strengthen the relationship between clients and staff. Especially, dealing with HIV orphans and people living with HIV and AIDS is very critical.

Our Team

Mr. Jacob Adorkor

Board Chairman

Mr. Jacob Kwabla Adorkor is currently the Director of Ghana’s biggest seaport, the Port of Tema. He began his career with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority as a Traffic Officer and rose through the ranks through hard work and commitment.

Rev. Horlali Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Queen Horlali Williams (Rev.), is the Executive Director and founder of LIAMS Foundation. She also doubles as a Home Health Consultant & Nursing Assistant from the USA.

Mr. Samson Addai

Head of Administration

Mr. Sampson Addai holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Cape Coast. He has gained experience having worked with the Women’s World Bank as a Credit Officer and also served as the Managing Partner and a co-founder of Rabotec Ghana Ltd.

Mr. Wisdom Tornyie Cole

Head of Media

Mr. Wisdom Tornyie Cole is product of Snaps College, a graduate of Trans Africa University college and a Diploma Holder in Business studies. He is an editor and the CEO of Digital Brains Fotos with experience in photography.

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